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Institutional Equity Investors

Our partnerships ensure unparalleled expertise and access to substantial capital. This collaboration fosters innovation within our portfolio, establishes a robust foundation for risk mitigation, and instills credibility and trust for client assurance.

Beyond financial backing, it opens doors to strategic networking opportunities, positioning us at the forefront of industry trends. Partnering with The Hocker Group not only grants clients access to expertise but also integrates them into a network with influential institutional equity investors, propelling us forward.

As we forge new partnerships, The Hocker Group remains committed to innovation and excellence in collaboration with our esteemed institutional equity investors.

Investor/Advisory Services

Our Acquisitions & Development service is your gateway to strategic growth in real estate. From identifying lucrative opportunities to navigating the complexities of development, we guide you through the entire lifecycle, ensuring your investments align with your vision.

Maximize returns and streamline your portfolio with our Dispositions service. Whether divesting individual assets or optimizing your overall strategy, we employ a strategic approach to ensure seamless transactions and capitalize on market opportunities.

Our Due Diligence service provides a meticulous examination of potential investments, ensuring informed decision-making. We scrutinize every aspect of a property or transaction, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of risks and opportunities to guide your investment choices.

Property Services

As owners and managers of real property, we have built a deeply collaborative approach to addressing every need of any given asset. Among the most important are the following:

Our Property Management service ensures the seamless operation and maintenance of your real estate assets. From day-to-day upkeep to tenant relations, we handle the intricacies, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a well-managed property.

With our Leasing service, unlock the full potential of your properties by tapping into our expertise in tenant acquisition and retention. We tailor leasing strategies to maximize occupancy rates and optimize returns on your real estate investments.

Elevate your investment strategy with our Asset Management service, where we carefully oversee your portfolio’s performance. Through strategic planning, risk mitigation, and value enhancement initiatives, we aim to optimize the long-term value and profitability of your assets.

The Hocker Group team has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial real estate accounting and reporting. Our team is familiar with Yardi, Argus and Microsoft Excel software applications, which enable streamlined reporting.

The Hocker Group offers comprehensive financial reporting services, encompassing General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Budget Comparisons (Monthly & YTD), Trial Balance, Cash Flow Statements, Operating Account Information, Reconciliation Statements, and a detailed Rent Roll.

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